You are currently viewing Cloud Server Super Sale discount 70% at, start from 10$

Cloud Server Super Sale discount 70% at, start from 10$ provide IIX Cloud server which is compatible for those of you who want to have full server resources with the latest technology.

You also can get full access to manage all software & environtment server as your requirement with us.

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Elastic Cloud

Elastic 20


Diskspace 20GB

CPU Core 1

Memory Limit 1GB

Price 10USD/Month

Setup FREE…d=1&currency=2

Elastic 30


Diskspace 30GB

CPU Core 2

Memory Limit 2GB

Price 16.25USD/Month

Setup FREE…=12&currency=2

Elastic 50


Diskspace 50GB

CPU Core 3

Memory Limit 2,5GB

Price 22.5USD/Month

Setup FREE…=13&currency=2

Elastic 70


Diskspace 70GB

CPU Core 4

Memory Limit 3GB

Price 28.75USD/Month

Setup FREE…=14&currency=2

Elastic 100


Diskspace 100GB

CPU Core 5

Memory Limit 4GB

Price 45USD/Month

Setup FREE

Additonal Cost (If needed) :


Add 5 Gb space (Diskspace) 3.12USD

Add 1 Core (CPU) 4.17USD

Add 512 Mb (RAM) 6.40USD

Add 10 GB space (Backup Space) 4.17USD

Add 1 IP 2.50USD

Port Speed 200 (Mbps) 16.50USD

Manage Services (If using cPanel) 33.33USD

cPanel 16.67USD

Other detail information, please check on our website :

Term & Conditions :

– Payment could be monthly payment.

– Price will be flat as long as customer subscribe.

– Price and service specifications are subject to change without prior notice

– Payment Method : Paypal, Bank Transfer

For order and the other information please call : 0215384 395 ext 106, or sent an email to

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