You are currently viewing Quasi Dedicated – Player plan is back – for a limited time!!!

Quasi Dedicated – Player plan is back – for a limited time!!!

Quasi Dedicated Support Plans from SupportSages

When we introduced our Quasi Dedicated plan, around 2 years back, it was a good hit and we had to stop offering Player plan because of the demand and we couldnt catch up with the demand. Quasi Dedicated plan met the expectation of consistency of the team members who knows the support policies inside out.

Quasi-dedicated support offers all the features of a dedicated team, yet not truly dedicated or semi-dedicated.

About SupportSages

SupportSages since 2009 have provided excellent value proposition for our customers, not just in support, but marketing, exploring their niche market etc and we are happy that all our clients who signed up with us back in 2009 are still with us and have grown manifold. None of them have review ratings below 4.5/5 in any of the hosting review websites (both paid and unpaid) and we are proud of it.

What makes us special ?

  • Quality – Ofcourse everyone claims to offer it, but we make sure that the service we ourselves offer to you, improves day by day so that we bring in value to your business.
  • Techs – 90% of them are certified. Sages are passionate about whatever they do and never ever compromise the values we adhere.
  • 24/7/365 availability – We are available 24/7, not just in a single channel, but multiple channels as well
  • Dedicated Account Manager – Sometimes you may need a third party opinion, our AMs have alteast 5 years experience in web hosting industry and is upto date. He will be responsible for your business with us.
  • We hear and learn from you – Continuous learning is in our culture and we don’t forget our lessons. We implement best practices across all our clients.
  • Excellent track record – Growing from 4 sages in 2009 to 45 sages in 2022 is possible because of our habit of keeping promises. We have increased the review ratings of our clients from 1.5 star to 4.3 stars in just 9 months
  • Our philosophy – Better explained here –
Features (Per month) Player Leader Champion Coach
Level of Support L1 & L2 L1, L2 & L3 L1, L2 & L3 L1, L2 & L3 + DevOps
Live Chat Support (Technical – L1 & L2) No Yes Yes Yes
Live Chat Support (Sales & Pre-Sales) No No Yes Yes
Number of Helpdesk tickets 100 200 400 600
Number of Live Chats 0 50 100 200
Number of Servers supported Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
24/7 Service Monitoring (VPSes) 10 20 40 50
24/7 Proactive Server Management (VPSes and Dedicated) 5 servers ($250 value) 10 servers ($500 value) 20 servers ($1000 value) 40 servers ($2000 value)
Admin Hours 10 25 50 75
Setup time (except weekends) 24 hours 24 hours 24 hours 36 hours
Guaranteed response time 60 mins 40 mins 30 mins 20 mins
Average response time 30 mins 30 mins 20 mins 15 mins
Average resolution time 12 hours 12 hours 12 hours 6 hours
Server Setup, Optimisation & Hardening (one time) 1 2 4 10
Documentation No No Yes Yes
Regular Weekly meetings with Management & Team Ad-hoc/On-Demand Yes Yes Yes
Individual / Team chat with techs Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price $299 $499 $799 $1499
Order NOW Order NOW!! Order NOW!! Order NOW!! Order NOW!!

Contact us for any custom requirements at . Don’t hesitate to contact us. We may be able to match your current provider’s price. Our free trial is to ensure that you have smooth transition of support.

Email : sales@at@supportsages d.o.t com

Skype : ssages

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