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Thunderbird installer finding outdated Hostname/certificate

First off, I’m no expert. Folks here helped me move from Hostgator VPS to JoneSolutions VPS a couple of years ago so I could get better support. I’m a graphic designer and have a few clients I host on my VPS as well as our own businesses.

My old Hostgator used (I have an old screenshot from Virtuozzo control panel).

My new VPS has a hostname of and that’s what the SSL certificate is issued to.

While testing Thunderbird on my Mac for a client (who is having issues with Apple Mail), I came across a weird issue. While the new Email Account is successfully created in Thunderbird, a popup appears with a warning that says

“You are about to override how Thunderbird identifies this site. Location: This site attempts to identify itself with invalid information.

I don’t believe “cri.” should be anywhere on my current VPS server? I’ve checked with JoneSolution support and they assure me that hostname is set to and that the certificate is fine.

And voila, in Thunderbird, if I edit the Location field from “cri.” to “vps.”, and click “Get Certificate”, sure enough, Thunderbird reports that the certificate is Valid and all is well!

So WTF?!

WHERE is Thunderbird picking up the outdated “cri.” prefix?!! Is it on my Mac somewhere? In WHM??

Jones support says it’s a problem with the certificates in Mail. I did open Mac > Utilities > Keychain and found a bunch of MyCertificates started with cri. (with a November 2021 date, even though some were for long dead email addresses) and deleted them all. But still Thunderbird is still reporting the same “invalid” error.

If anyone has any clues, I’m all ears. I will try restarting Mac next, though not sure that will fix it.

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