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Top Server & Site Monitoring Tools, Compared

Customization options

For both pro developers and admins with less technical expertise, there are times when the option to customize is highly preferable.

To compare how easily you can personalize the aforementioned solutions, we’ll look at two feature aspects:

Custom plugins

Compatibility with other extensions such as NGINX, MongoDB, or CloudLinux can be highly useful for optimizing your monitoring tool. But not all monitoring toolkits have the option to install additional extensions and use them alongside other functionalities.

Here are the monitoring options that offer a wide catalog of plugins to customize your monitoring experience: 360 Monitoring, NewRelic, and Nagios.

Writing your own Plugins

This one is for very experienced developers. If you can’t find the exact right tool you need for monitoring your sites and servers, then you can always build your own. How much more customizable can you get? With 360 Monitoring, NewRelic and Nagios, you are given the option to develop and implement whatever features you can code for yourself.

Customizable dashboards

Choosing what data you see first and prioritizing certain performance charts above others can make all the difference to how much time you dedicate to monitoring. What metrics are most important for you to see first on your dashboards? 360 Monitoring and NewRelic are solutions that allow you to customize your dashboards and improve your overall monitoring experience.

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